Ali Zafar song for PSL leaked before its actual release

ali zafar leaked psl song

Ali Zafar is doing PSL songs for the first few editions of PSL. In PSL 5 Ali Zafar was not called by PSL officials. PSL Anthem was sung by Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar and Arif Lohar. “Tayyar Hain” song got lots of hatred from the public. Meanwhile public is missing Ali Zafar songs from previous PSL events. Ali Zafar Songs were some major hits from PSL memories. The public was asking Ali Zafar version of the PSL 5 song.

Ali zafar psl 5 song

Ali Zafar comes up with a video where he answers all allegations of hiring bloggers in a cool way. He set a dialogue “Bhai zimadar hai”. And for every problem in someone’s life he used a hashtag “Bhai Hazir hai”. This is where Ali Zafar PSL anthem is expected to release.

Ali Zafar asked his fans to come out and dance on a beat. Ali Zafar gave some sample moves for that beat and asked the public to send their videos via email. This turns out to be a trend and huge number of fans respond to Ali Zafar Call.

Ali Zafar announced to release his PSL 5 song on Sunday evening. But the song “Meela Loot Liya” is leaked before time and here it is.

However, the official video of the song is not out yet. Fans are already loving it before its actual release. However, Some disappointed audience is not happy and showing their disappointment. Some of them are waiting for the actual release of how the actual song will turn out to be with video. Fans have high expectations from Ali Zafar and if this song can’t win the hearts of fans then Ali Zafar has to face huge criticism.

Ali zafar psl song leaked


What’s so ever would be the reaction of the public. Every celebrity wants positive criticism and fans should keep this into care before saying anything to their stars.

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