Corona Virus effecting pakistan students and its symptoms

corona virus pakistan

Corna Virus is a big issue in China nowadays. Doctors are on emergency duties taking care of patients. In spite of such strong actions from the Chinese government, Corona Virus is unstoppable. The number of Pakistan students are studying in different cities of China and the situation is alarming for them as well.

About 28-30,000 Pakistanis living in China out of which 500 Pakistani students are studying in Wuhan city. Wuhan city is the origin of the Corona Virus. Corona Virus is confirmed in 4 Pakistani students living in Wuhan. However, Their health has improved after the treatment.

corona virus in pakistan

It is alarming news has emerged from China that virus has been confirmed in four Pakistani students studying there. Pakistani embassy in China is in touch with its students. However, there is no Corona Virus patient in Pakistan.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

According to doctors, there is no specific symptom of Coronavirus which makes it difficult to diagnose. However, the patient can have fever, headaches, shortness of breath and cough. According to research The infection of the breast is also one symptom of Corona Virus, which can lead to pneumonia.

China has taken the strongest measures to prevent the Corona Virus. The transportation to Wuhan has been stopped in order to stop this virus instead of spreading.  A number of cases have been found around the world. But no death case has been came in news from Corona Virus. A major portion of Corona Virus Patients is from China so china is facing severe death cases Corona Virus.

132 people are dead by this virus and thousands are affected in China. Several people are still in the coronavirus effect. Corona Virus hospital is also under construction which is estimated to be built within a few weeks.

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