Doctors demand strict lockdown to reduce coronavirus patients


The sudden increase in the number of coronavirus patients in Pakistan is alarming. Number of Pakistan coronavirus patients growing fastest among the whole world. However, there may be more number of coronavirus patients per day. But according to the Pakistan population which is far less than other countries but the growth of coronavirus patients is drastic. Here is the current number of coronavirus patients updated on the Pakistan government portal.

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The number of cases increases at a rapid rate after 14 April. As the Pakistan government gave relaxation in lockdown after 14 April. Recently 700 plus cases reported in Pakistan in a single day. Upcoming days are even more crucial for Pakistan as Ramadan is all about public Gathering. Pakistan government gave too much relaxation in lockdown during Ramadan. But doctors are alarming the drastic situation about the gathering in mosques for “Traveeh”.

In a recent press in Karachi by doctors requesting the government of Pakistan to strict lockdown. Prime Minister told that there will ban on mosques as well if the situation will get worse. In a recent press conference, doctors said it will be too late to impose a ban on mosques once the situation becomes dangerous. Doctors ask merchants to corporate in this pandemic situation. Doctors warn government and Ulma’s that instead of getting unserious decisions they should take this disease a serious threat. Doctors are demanding strict lockdown.

Doctor Saad Niaz describes that situation is more worst than what is shown.

Doctors from Pakistan asked to review the decision of opening mosques in Ramadan. Because the equipment and medical facilities are not enough to cope with the large number of Corona Virus patients. As in mosques, the number of people age 60 to 70 is more than that young generation.

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