Fans are surprised as Asim Azhar just posted a picture with Areeka Haq

asim azahar pictures with areeka haq
Picture from Areeka Haq Instagram

Asim Azhar is a young Pakistani leading singer. He became the heart of youth with his song “Tera Wo Payar” from coke studio. Whereas Areeqa Haq is a new emerging talent from Tik Tok. Tik Tok stars are hit products to troll by the public. As people do not accept Tik Tokers as stars as they don’t consider making Tik Tok as talent.

Despite having such hate Tik Tokers are making there way to get into public hearts slowly. Tik Tokers also paving there way to the television industry. Areeqa Haq just posted a picture with Asim Azhar on her Instagram.

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@asimazhar 💥

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Story just not ended here Asim Azhar also posted pictures on his Instagram and Facebook. Here are pictures from Asim Azhar Instagram account. 

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@areeka__haq ✨

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Pictures are not easy to digest by fans as these pictures are way unexpected for everyone. Here are a few reactions from the public over these pictures.

Areeka haq new song with asim azhar

The comments section is loaded with surprising comments on new pictures. Wait what people are thinking Hania Amir is pranked by Asim Azhar. 

asim azhar new song with areeka haq

Fans are utterly waiting for Asim Azhar’s new project release featuring Areeka Haq. No doubt this can turn out to be a big breakthrough for Areeka Haq in industry. With a huge fan following on Tik Tok Areeka is still doing well in terms of money and fame. Areeqa Haq opened up about her income in Bol Nights with Ahsan that she is earning 2 to 2.5 lac per month. 

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