Fast university expel students for posting memes about university in a Facebook group


Fast university is one of the renowned universities in Pakistan. From the private sector fast is leading institute with a high job rate in the market. But a recent incident happens that was not expected from such high standard university.

Fast university expels few students for posting defamatory memes over the fast university in a Facebook group. 13 students are given different punishments. Girls included in punishment are asked to just submit a written apology. However, Boys are expelled for one year or few or demoted to one semester back in every subject.

fast university expel students


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To everyone surprise, fast university threatening graduated students to cancel their degree. Social media is full of view that a written apology should be enough as punishment. 

People are not accepting it and of the point that  “Dismissing students over some petty media memes is totally unacceptable. Universities of the caliber of FAST must be more broad hearted rather than targeting individual students. A formal apology would have been enough even if they did something wrong”.

Ali Moeen Nawazish a very famous journalist said there should be freedom of speech for students. He quoted it as

From a few students of fast to the whole internet, the community is making memes on Fast University. As they want the freedom of speech and punishment of these students to call back.

“Islami Jamiat Talba” also came forward to support students being punished in Fast University.

During this corona pandemic, students are already stressed about taking online classes and exams. Then putting this type of allegations is adding more to disturbing their mental health. Students in universities came from different areas with different kinds of mental pressure and mental health conditions. Upon adding such unexpected punishments are adding to their bad mental conditions that can result in severe outcomes. Universities should act responsible institutes and should not take such things to such level of punishments.


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