Good news for doctors dealing with coronavirus patients

corona virus doctor pakistan

In this time of pandemic coronavirus, good news came for doctors. As doctors are frontline heroes against coronavirus. So some doctors also got infected by Corona Virus while dealing with patients. This happens because of the lack of facilities and safety equipments.  The government of Pakistan is trying to deal with coronavirus at their best. Everyone is trying their best what they can do best to tackle this situation.

In order to cope with the lack of doctors safety kits. A famous Pakistani designer Asim Jofa came up and design a safety dress for doctors. Asim Jofa tried two different material for these safety kits. This is what Asim Jofa had to say while announcing the production of safety kits Let’s fight back! Asim Jofa and the team have taken an initiative to contribute to society and play our part in helping our front liners to win this fight against coronavirus. We have started working on stitching protective gear for doctors and medical staff to wear for their safety. Please share and tag and support us in this noble cause. We appreciate all that our front liners are doing and stand by them in this time of need”

Here is the first sample for doctors out by Asim Jofa team in tough pandemic Corona time.

This is what the Asim Jofa’s team second attempts to prepare safety kit materials for doctors.


This is not the end Pakistan government also facilitates doctors with double pay this month. Actors, police even general public pay tribute to doctors waving white flags on their roofs and clap for them.

Such scenes can be seen everywhere in Pakistan. Here are some more visuals.

Pakistan nation stands with doctors and everyone tries to fight with corona on their own as well. Pakistan can’t forget our doctors like Dr.Usama who died while fighting with corona in DHQ Gilgit.

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