Imran Khan call Usama Bin Laden Martyr and Imranbinladen is trending now

Imran khan speech about usama Bin laden

Imran Khan’s speeches are always a hot topic for social media. Imran Khan uses harsh language during their D Chowk speeches. Afterward, a few speeches about Prophet PBUH also become controversial. During coronavirus pandemic, Imran Khan delivered a speech recently in Assembly.

Imran Khan said, “they killed Usama Bin Ladden in Abbottabad martyred him”. Here are Imran Khan’s words from assembly speech.

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This news covered by international media as well as Indian media. Indian media is up to the predictions that Imran khan had to pay for his words. According to India media transmission, Imran Khan called Al Qaida leader “Shaheed” but Usama Bin Laden is accepted as an international terrorist.

The public of Pakistan also turned into two groups. One in the favor of Imran Khan’s words and other considering Bin Laden was the reason for terrorism in Pakistan. Thousands of Pakistanis laid down their lives in the war against terror. And glorifying terrorists like him is nothing short of betraying the blood of his fellow Pakistanis. Imran khan proved this Taliban mentality.

However, Some people praising Imran Khan’s courage for taking the name of Usama Bin Laden as a martyr. 

People in favor of Imran Khan’s speech have an argument that Usama Bin Laden is Is Shaheed Because He Was Against USA and America Is Bitter Enemy Of ISLAM.



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