Imran khan use unappropriate words for Prophet PBUH and people came at him

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Prime Minister Imran Khan is always hated for his harsh words in his speeches. His past life being involved in parties and other immoral activities is a plus point for criticizers to criticize. Haters call him whatever they understand Imran khan as an atheist or anti-Muslim agent. Recently Imran Khan efforts for Kartarpur corridor are an outstanding step for minorities right in Pakistan. However, People also came against this step as well that Imran Khan haven’t done anything good for Muslims yet. Imran Khan made bail of Asiya Bibi who was alleged of blasphemy and people didn’t bear anything when it comes to their religion.

Imran Khan recent speech is among these points which brings more hate to him. In his speech, Imran Khan was addressing that Prophet PBUH had to face many difficulties during his time but didn’t let anything come to his way. While briefing about hardships of prophet PBUH Imran khan used an Urdu word “Zaleel/ذلیل” and it’s not bearable for Muslim Ummah.

People came up and heating social media against Imran Khan. Twitter’s top trends were against Imran khan. Hashtag “مانی_مینٹل_زبان_کولگام_دو” asked PM Imran khan to control his tongue.

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Molana Tahir Ashrafi wrote an open letter against Imran Khan “Gaddar” movement. Molana Tahir Ashrafi asked him to use soft words in his speeches. However, he has no right to say either Imran Khan is a Lover of Prophet PBUH or not.

Counting the number of hate comments twitter is full of hate comments against Imran Khan. Here are a few from these.

Imran Khan news

Imran Khan always got controversial while delivering anything about Prophet PBUH. That is why the people of Pakistan are hating him to their extreme.

There are always at least two sides of a story and here people also came up in support of Imran Khan. Within a few hours, a new hashtag start trending on twitter which is “عمران_سچا_عاشق_رسول”.

Imran Khan prophet PBUH

People in support of Imran Khan also came up to support Imran Khan on this news. As Imran Khan portray a very positive image of Pakistan at international level.

Such Imran Khan update is really a bad thing to come when the country is in severe condition.

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