India ban 59 Chinese mobile apps after Ladakh clash

India china war

The clash between China and India is getting intense day by day. China and India face off at the Ladakh border were in media for the past few days. In a serious clash between China and India around 20 Indian army men were killed brutally. India claimed that they killed 40 china men. However, China negates this claim by the Indian government.

This clash came to digital war from borders. Many social media influencers are asking to ban Chinese apps and some are against it. Many videos are getting viral over internet burning and breaking Chinese mobile. Indians are demanding some serious actions from the Government. Indian Government came in action and in this digital war banned 59 Chinese apps. 

This list includes most-used apps including Tik Tok, Likee, UC New, UC browser, Shareit, and many other established apps.

The Indian public is happy over banning Chinese apps from government

Youtube vs Tiktok trend just went off and this is what it left TikTok with a ban in India.

But If these apps were a risk to national security, what were the Indian nation’s gatekeepers doing all this time? Or were they asleep on the watch, waiting to be rattled awake from eastern Ladakh? They should not be facilitated by funds to PMCares of India.

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