Iqra and Yasir visits slum areas with Youtubers

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussainn

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain always comes up in controversies. This time both of them come up helping the water-deprived areas of Thar. This visit is done with ‘tayabbaorg’ which is an organization helping the water-deprived communities get easy access to water and donate an H2O wheel. Other famous YouTubers like Morro, Momin Saqib and Ganji Swag can also be seen with them.

Iqra and Yasir at thar

Pictures and video from Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain Visit to Thar

Iqra Aziz was happy to spend time with these people. However, she was surprised how tough is life just 5KM from Karachi. She posted a video thanking ‘Tayyabaorg’ for making that trip possible. Here Iqra and Yasir video from Thar.


They also take part in happiness of the people of Thar after helping them.

Yasir Hussain posted another Emotional video from Thar trip. This is Yassir Hussain narrate with this video “is aurat ki behen 8 month pregnant thi aur 2 km dor se matky mai pani laty hue gir k Allah ko pyari ho gai. aaj jab tayabaorg ki taraf se pani bharny wala wheel diya gaya toh woh apni behen ko yaad karty hue ro pari. hum isi dunya mai rehty hain kahan yeh log hain .. hum nul khol k bhool jaty hain aur yeh aik aik boond k liye jaan de dety hain . save water and help”

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