Ishaq Dar got in trouble at BBC news Interview

Ishaq Dar assets

Ishaq is out of Pakistan for around 3 years for his medical treatment. He was being investigated in Pakistan for his corruption. His case was proceeding under NAB.

He recently got interviewed by BBC News. Stephen Sackur in his show bashed Ishaq Dar with questions about his assets. Ishaq Dar can be seen so confused by his body language.

Stephan sackur asked how many properties do you and your family have Ishaq Dar said he just have only one property in Pakistan. But anchor asked him about his son’s villas and he said they are of mature age and is independent of me.

Anchor asked Ishaq Dar that if you are not guilty why you didn’t face Pakistan Law. Ishaq Dar replied that people died in NAB custody and he is here for medical treatment.

People are happy with these question about Ishaq Dar Assets. Pakistani Media anchors had not asked such straight questions from Ishaq Dar about his assets and corruption allegations over them.

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