News Reports PM Imran Khan tested positive for coronavirus

corona virus pakistan imran khan

Coronavirus is infecting everyone nowadays. High officials and government high authorities are also got effected by corona. Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus a few days ago. English prime minister Boris Jhonson also tested positive for coronavirus. Both of them kept themselves in isolation.

Recently a foreign media reporting about Prime Minister Imran Khan that he is tested positive for coronavirus.

People are curious about this news. Some are asking why this is not telecasted on Pakistan media. 

Faisal Javed and other PTI officials confirmed that PM Imran Khan is safe and healthy. News about their positive test results are false.

Ihtisham Ul Haq also denies corona test reports about Imran khan. He clearly said “Govt officials are very slow in responding. Just confirmed by Dr Shahbaz gill that Imran Khan is healthy and not tested positive, It was a mistake from the news agency & I have also deleted the tweet, May Allah keep our PM healthy & every human are the globe. Stay safe”

PM Imran Khan also announced for Corona Tiger force to fight against corona. Youth came up to work voluntarily against it.
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