No Pakistan educational institutes to open in July

corona virus educational institutes in pakistan
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During coronavirus pandemic, educational institutes closed all over the world. Online classes came as solution to compensate for the loss of the academic year for various students. Online classes are not efficient enough to compensate for regular classes. No country opened their educational institutes in this pandemic except China and NewZealand.

Prime Minister Pakistan opened the whole country lockdown in order to reduce economical drop. But a sudden increase in Coronavirus patients turns big cities to smart lockdown again. One step ahead to take this lockdown to normal life government asked the education minister to set Sops for reopening educational institutes in Pakistan.

Educational institutes open in Pakistan

Shafqat Mehmood replied to a tweet where opening of universities are considered first as university students can better follow the SOPS.

Recently, Ali Zafar tweeted in order to confirm that either decision about opening educational institutes in July is legit. The public is not in favor as they don’t want to risk their children’s lives in this pandemic situation.

Educational Minister of Pakistan Shafqat Mehmood replied to Ali Zafar tweet that No such decision is made to open educational institutes.

Pakistan’s government needs to have a new policy for education system. Students are not happy with online education. Internet and quality of education over online sessions are pathetic.  The opening of educational institutes are also not possible in this pandemic. So flexible policy needs to make in order to better handle this situation about students’ online education.

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