Students came up against online classes arranged due to Corona Virus

Online education Corona virus

Universities issued notice for holidays up to 5th April. Teachers are on paid leave and asked to work from home. To make this possible universities and HEC asked to take online classes. All universities are trying to impose it via different platforms and as efficiently as possible. However, Students are not happy with online classes and try to campaign it and take this into the notice of higher authorities. Hashtag We want semester break also trending from the last few days to raise this problem to higher authorities.

we want semester break twitterIn order to engage students with studies in COVID19 holidays, University authorities declare conduction of online classes without any proper plan. In return, students have to suffer from the situation and have to fight for their rights. The government has announced complete lockdown it is really difficult for students to study online, complete assignments. That will affect their grades. Some students are far away in their towns where even 2G service is not properly available. Hostels have been vacated. It is difficult for students to understand mathematics, calculus and computer programming languages.

online classes in pakistan


Students asked for semester break and regular classes after this situation. In this time of chaos and life-threatening situation adding one more tension of study and education and their grades, GPA, and failure in courses because of lack of proper facilities is alarming.

Students are reacting over this situation and here are a few of these. According to students teachers are just covering the syllabus consider this as a golden chance not to teach that later.

Students want a good education environment as they have not paid for online classes. 

Wifi and electricity is also one major problem for students from rural areas.

Higher Education Commission and Universities all across Pakistan should consider it a serious issue. Figure out a suitable solution for students so that they can get out of this situation.

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