This is what will happen in the last episode of Ehd E Wafa

ehd e wafa last episode story

Ehd E Wafa is one big drama competing Alif and Mere Pass Tum Ho nowadays. Pictures from Ehd E Wafa shooting are getting leaked. One can easily determine what will be the end of Ehd E Wafa drama. We can say Ehd E Wafa’s last episode story is leaked. Ehd E Wafa drama is created by ISPR and on-air on HUM entertainment.

It can be seen that Saad and Dua are getting married. Saad friends are also part of these leaked pictures from Ehd e Wafa during Saad’s wedding. Shazain is also part of these pictures so Saad and Shazain will be friends again. Fans are excited about the reunion of these college friends.

This is not just the end few more pictures from the last episode’s shooting of Ehd E Wafa leaked. It was expected that Saad will die in the last episode of Ehd e Wafa. Here are leaked pictures in which saad’s friends and Saad’s father can be seen in the hospital. These pictures somehow indicates saad death in the last episode of Ehd e Wafa.

ehd e wafa last episode story

In a recent episode, Saad went on a mission in North Waziristan. Fans are expecting this can be the first and last mission of saad. But wait if saad can’t die on North Waziristan mission as her marriage with Dua still to be telecasted.

ehd e wafa last episode leaked

In spite of these leaked pictures fans still love Ehd E Wafa drama. That is why this drama can be seen in top trends nowadays. Fans are enjoying different moments from Ehd e Wafa like Shariq Honesty, Sheharyar as CSS officer Dua’s journey of army doctor Shahzain double-faced friendship.

How can we forget Rani from Ehd E Wafa? Zara Noor Abbas has to say a lot about Ehd E Wafa but she had to wait for the last episode.

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