Veena Malik can’t stop trolling Bilawal Bhutto and people can’t stop memorizing her past

Veena malik twitter troll
Picture: Veena Malik/Twitter

Veena Malik is a young Pakistani actress. Veena Malik had a strong link with Bollywood in her past. She is famous for her item songs and bold language. Veena Malik left Bollywood right after she got married to Asad Malik. After her marriage, she can be seen on Pakistan television and more on twitter in support of PM Imran Khan.

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Being active on twitter Veena Malik always responds to what trending with some troll factor. Veena Malik Never forgets Bilawal Bhutto from her tweets. These tweets are full of fun when the public adds more in the comment section. Recently, she trolls Bilawal Bhutto that he will become the first lady of the country after winning the election.

This does not just end people added to the comment section is more hilarious than this. Veena Malik twitter comment section is full of such trolls.

Veena malik twitter

Veena Malik warned PM Imran Khan for not getting into a debate with Bilawal Bhutto. It is not safe for him.

Here is another one targeting Bilawal Bhutto from Veena malik and is getting out of hand now.

The other side of story is people still hate Veena Malik for her past. They keep on posting pictures and hate words from her past.

The line is still too long a number of comments are still hitting Veena malik at her twitter account.

Veena Malik twitter news



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